Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Virtual Abbey

One of the challenges for any pastor is to maintain a daily prayer life.  As a pastor interested in Benedictine spirituality, it has been a long time goal of mine to try to pray the daily office, and I have made a commitment to pray the daily office.  However, for a long time, I found it  difficult to pray the office with any kind of regularity. That changed this year when, by happenstance (or divine intervention perhaps?) I was asked to consider tweeting daily prayers on Twitter through an established account, The Virtual Abbey - @Virtual_Abbey.

The Virtual Abbey already had nearly 5,000 followers, so it initially seemed like a daunting commitment.  After four months of tweeting daily prayers, though (typically Morning Prayer and Compline) I have been able to settle into a routine.  Sometimes, life intervenes and I don't get to it, but I have been able to maintain that schedule almost every day.  Due to the space limitations of Twitter, I can only pray parts of the office there, but it has been a joy and a blessing to do it, particularly when I get feedback from the many people who follow (now over 5,300) and pray along.


  1. Thank you for sharing the Daily Office. It helps me to focus on my spiritual life in the midst of the chaos that sometimes is twitter. God bless!

  2. Divine Providence which led to human intervention. Pretty amazing experience, isn't it? Love seeing the grateful tweets in my Twitterstream.

  3. Nadine - thank you for your kind comments and for praying with us. And Meredith - it has been an amazing experience, so thanks again for all the work you've done for the Abbey and for allowing me to be involved!